Condor adheres to a unique corporate security doctrine


Condor is a full scale provider of corporate security services for large institutions, organizations, multinational companies, sensitive installations and investor groups. Condor adheres to a unique corporate security doctrine that is strictly studied and applied to fit the multidimensional requirements inherent to every organization.

Our Process

Condor uses an extensive process where all client requirements  are carefully analyzed on location with a dedicated team that monitors the project from A to Z.

We understand the specific requirements, cultural considerations and legal aspects of each project . Our teams are international and dedicated professionals with a solid foundation in corporate security that stems from the human and technological factor

Our corporate security understanding of the different arenas within the global markets allows us to build dedicated and comprehensive security solutions that are in harmony with the respective culture and modus operandi of the organization.

The development of such corporate security platforms has given us the ability to integrate different spheres of action to protect the institutions against internal and external threats. Condor understands that every organization is subject to different attacks that are not always symmetrical to its security culture and awareness. Condor is a unique provider of corporate security services that are the product of integrating intelligence, security, and business continuity in a comprehensive and surgical manner.

Consequently, our corporate security services are delivered through the vertical and horizontal alignments and compartmentalization structure of each organization. This process is crucial in order not to create visible and invisible vulnerabilities which allow the activation of different adversaries to implement their capabilities. Condor strives at giving its clients early response, strategic surprise and competitive advantage.

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