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Risk and Threat Analysis

Defining a risk and its threats is a very complex mission that must be done on the basis of intelligence and not speculation nor interpretation. Often, we tend to define risks and the adversary’s modus operandi through information rather than intelligence. This causes our perception to be the guiding force in building a risk and threat analysis of the current situation facing our institution.It is imperative to carry these evaluations based on effective and specific collection of information, analysis and elaboration of the information channels and finally, the development of intelligence which can serve to assess the risks. Correct assessment of the risks can allow us to develop security procedures which are based on the adversary’s modus operandi and thereby increase the level of defensive and offensive security. Condor offers consulting and training services in carrying these assessments according to the specifications of the client requirements. In  addition, Condor teams can build operational responses that can counter the threats and methods of attack defined by the risk analysis.