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TOTAL SEC-- A Breakthrough in Security Systems Management

Visec Solutions is proud to present the Total-Sec system, the most advanced software of its kind for the management of security systems in organizations. Visec flagship product, Total-Sec, is a comprehensive proven solution based on advanced technology. Total-Sec provides security teams the next generation solution to store, collates, analyse and report any type of incident, drills, procedures and more of the daily routine. Total-sec is the only system that develops according to the Israeli standard for Security and Continuity Management System Requirements and Guidance for use. The Israeli standard define a four steps model PDCA:

Plan – Establish the objectives, procedures and processes necessary to deliver improvements in accordance with the organization security policy.


Do – Implement the procedure and processes.


Check – Monitor and measure procedure and processes against the security policy, objectives, targets, legal and other requirements and report the results.


Act – Take actions to continually improve performance of the security management system.


Total-Sec was developed using Microsoft’s most advanced tools, ensuring long-term reliability and quality.

Total-Sec focuses on four principal fields in managing the security operation, both day-to-day and in crises:


Security Officer’s Work Management System:


The system consists of the most advanced tools for defining the organization’s structure and employees.
It contains comprehensive data on employees, including a detailed personal file containing all the information coming from the various total-Sec systems.  Through the system, it is also possible to monitor employees who leave the organization, to conduct personal interviews with employees and to plan their professional advancement.

Weapons System Management 

Managing weapons and ammunition stock, managing employees’ licenses, controlling the timing of target practices and refresher courses using reminders and e-mail, archiving weapons and ammunition movements, printing licenses, and maintaining an up-to-the-minute weapons inventory. Every operation in the weapons system is recorded, and a detailed report of all gun movements can be extracted.



Work Program Management

Periodic planning - enabling timely recruitment of workers, preparing a work program, distributing assignments to workers in accordance with the organization tree and its goals.  In addition, the system enables follow-up on execution, including an escalation mechanism.
The users of the system can set targets for periods defined by them.  The user can define any task he want to execute (such as training control and exercise), and to determine the number of tasks for each period. The system presents a picture of the status of planning v. execution (executing the task immediately updates the work program), of warnings received of unexecuted goals / goals for execution, etc.
The system contains an advanced visual display of the work program, as well as planned tasks. The background operated reminders system will make sure to automatic e-mail reminders of planned activities. It is possible to grade an individual and make comments respecting every participant, as well as automatically recording participants who failed in their assignment, etc.




Facility Survey System 

Facility survey - includes building plans, shows the general area and vicinity of the organization / corporation.  This file also gives particulars of all safety means and accessories required for the rescue services, fire department and police forces when they arrive to deal with an incident.  The site file is one of the compulsory requirements for business owners, offices and every public facility in the process of obtaining a business license.


Task Management

This system provides high-quality management of the tasks of the security organization personnel. Among other things, the system includes - establishing tasks for users of the system, real time monitoring of their execution, option of requesting to postpone or close a task, automatic receipt of warnings prior to the completion date of a task, etc.




Central Desk Management System
Computerized Incidents Log Management and Shift Management

The central desk management system includes one of the most advanced computerized incidents log of its kind.
Among other things, this log contains:  overlap between shifts, enabling the incoming shift to obtain the information on all principal incidents that occurred in the preceding shifts, handling ongoing incidents, archives management, opening tasks and investigations following an incident, automatic warnings and reminders via e-mail, statistical cross-sections as required, management of control centers and patrols.  The security officer will be able to receive each day a list of the outstanding incidents and to decide on how to continue handling them, whether by opening a task or investigation, or by adding a comment to the personal file of any particular employee.


Guard Control System

This innovative system has been developed with the aim of raising the quality of the service provided to the various clients of the security company.
By means of the system, it is possible to verify that the guard is complying with the assignments set for him on each shift. 
The system will remind the employee on the remote site when to go out on various assignments, and will ensure that they have been performed.
The system is fully capable of interfacing with the organizational work program system.
Furthermore, a camera can be integrated into this system, to monitor the guard’s movements.  To the extent no activity by the guard can be identified for a certain period, an immediate alert is transmitted to the central security desk in order to examine the reason for the lack of activity.


Computerized Learning and Training System

The system contains advanced tools to create and provide training for employees. Various learning systems can be created to teach the security work (at different levels - security officer, manager, etc.). The system includes the creation of an interactive examinations bank to test the achievements made while learning the work (by the learning systems and patrols of the premises).
The achievements of each employee will be recorded in his personal file to monitor his progress.


Security Operational procedures System is a unique platform whereby organizations may manage and respond to different safety and security threats with the ability to diffuse the critical information to the different units/departments in charge. The system alerts, monitors and responds to different systems by managing the event from A to Z, including procedures, protocols, incidents, communication and reports. Our system is used in Israel and has proven to be very effective in the implementation of complex security operations during routine and emergency situations. The control room of the organization can integrate our system with the existing CCTV system and users are provided with the remote services via a Tablet/Mobile device in order to perform some of the activities remotely directly from the field.


Condor has been at the forefront of the fight against terror in the last 25 years. Our knowledge has been put to the test in various arenas and after many years of research and development our teams have developed a software and application for the prevention and quick response to hostile activities. Our system does not replace the human factor but supports human intervention in the prevention and response process. Our teams have developed a unique platform that enables organizations the ability to know where, what , when and how an incident has occurred. This information is then sent to the relevant teams which can respond using a unique interface algorithm that supports the decision making process and is specific to the organization's security culture. 


The ability to assess the risk is often a very difficult task and cannot be executed in an objective manner. Condor has developed a technological platform for calculating, assessing and managing specific risks in an objective manner based on field observation, organizational capabilities to prevent and respond to certain scenarios, and rapid implementation of specific data for each scenario. 


The human perception of suspicious activity is often difficult to develop and remains subject to many uncontrollable patterns in the process inherent to detecting suspicious activity. Understanding and applying behavioral recognition systems combined with additional parameters remains a difficult task to perform in real time. However, without identifying suspicious activity capabilities, organizations cannot create a preventative culture. 

We are proud to announce the development of a system which helps your teams detect and understand suspicious activity in real time, report an incident, and effectively distribute this information to the different emergency teams.


We have developed different security Apps for the civilian market in the prevention of bullying, aggressiveness, radicalization in an effort to build the community resilience and involvement in the security of different communities. Civilians must become part of the solution but cannot be active if they are not given a proper tool and respective training.