Written on
May 14, 2020

When terror gets near you...

When terror gets near you...

Terror attacks are nothing new, so why is everyone suddenly concerned about their security and safety? Israel has been at the forefront of the fight against terror and has warned the rest of the world to create security solutions for preventing and neutralizing terrorist activity. These warnings have been active since the 60's but no one seemed to care! The reason is simple: As long as terror attacks happen far away from you, it seems to be someone else's problem...

However, the rules of the game have changed. Almost every citizen in Europe or the US is now more concerned about their security when they board a flight, visit a mall, travel or any unimportant activity that may be subject to an attack. This new reaction is purely based on the fact that the terror arena has grown and expanded, thereby giving a sense of worry regardless of where you are. In fact, the terror attacks have spread to areas which seemed to be immune to such activity.

Now European and American citizens and governments understand more what Israeli citizens live 365 days a year and to a much more severe level. But has that produced better security? Not at all! Instead it has increased the reluctance to treat the problem at its source. What is the source? Trying to lower terrorist motivations? Causing damage to their capabilities? Or both? I would have hoped that this process would have improved security and states would have learned more from the Israeli experience. Instead, pride, ego and denial have entered the equation and this is dangerous.

In any game you learn, what is the first step? It is learning the rules. Terror has rules but they must be learned and addressed. When the rules are learned, you have a better understanding of your counterpart which leads you to building a strategy for winning. What is the current international strategy for combating terror??? There is no such thing! Once a strategy is built for playing the game, you must get to know the players and anticipate their moves. But this does not happen. The players are the terrorists but there is no professional understanding and knowledge of the modus operandi. So what happens next??? You end up loosing the game... Terror is an ugly game that should not be played using the wrong rules, inadequate strategy, and with no knowledge of the adversary.