Written on
May 14, 2020

What Components of Terror Should We be Fighting

What Components of Terror Should We be Fighting

One of the most important tasks is defining what components of terror you want to fight. Governments need to make this choice in order to invest resources where a difference can be made:

1. Capabilities: This component is very crucial and needs to be prioritized at the intelligence and operational levels. The capability factor of terrorism needs to be continuously hit and destabilized. The reason is not deterrence but pure survival. If capabilities are hit, less terror attacks will take place and they will be easier to be neutralized.

2: Protection of sensitive installations: The security of the civilians is imperative and this component must be addressed with utmost importance. A specific security apparatus for sensitive installations must be built and become proactively functional in protecting critical infrastructures and the general population

3: Building of specialized squats in counter terrorism strategies and anti terror tactics. There must be synergy between these 2 facets of terror tactics, one being offensive and the other defensive. Without both being prioritized, the nation and its security services cannot prevent and respond to the next attack efficiently.

4: Make the civilians part of the solution to the terror threat. Governments must make civilians proactive and become a substantial ingredient in the fight against terror. This model works very well and is of significant help to the law enforcement communities

5: Build concrete laws for the fight against terror and make your security services strong and creative. A rigid and creative system is needed which can tailor itself to homeland security, border security, international terror, homegrown terror and radical extremism counter measures.

The list is long and i do not wish to make it too complex. These 5 principles are key factors in the fight against terror and must be created accordingly.

Here are some components which do not bring results and make you waste time without bringing you any results- just placebo:

1: Do not try to understand why terrorist commit terror attacks. It will not help you in the actual fight. It will just enrich your culture but is not useful in preventing the next attack.

2: Having difficulty living with terror? Accept it, you have no choice, do not fight it!

3: Stop dreaming in looking for the human side in terrorists. Even if it is there, you will not see it during the attack

4: Do not invest huge resources in integration. Integration is what? Is it something that depends on you??? or on the terrorist's will? You have no way of measuring or isolating the good ones from the bad ones

5: Motivations: This is a waste of time and unfortunately many unnecessary resources are invested in a fight which is irreversibly lost. Motivations will always be on the rise so let us stick with interfering with the capabilities

So there are many components and faces to terrorist activity but many are futile and do not serve a purpose. Concentrate on the ones that bring you results