Written on
May 14, 2020

The Zero Sum Game

The Zero Sum Game

So many experts around the world try to offer suggestions in body language, suspicious sign recognition, reactionary tactics, and the list goes on and on. There seems to be an atmosphere of wanting to take advantage of the current situation to build new strategies and tactics, and clearly, take professional credit. It is a big academic and theoretical salad where the vegetables are so many that you cannot taste the specific vegetables in the salad!

With so many theories, techniques, tactics and literature, professionals are no longer using their gut feeling. Those that are using it, cannot use it well under stress because of the huge amount of information they have processed throughout their career, training etc.. So what happens?? Your gut feeling is no longer a tool- It is rather a tool that requires analytical processing which makes you waist time. This is fine when dealing with criminal acts or arrests where time is limited but by no way resembles a suicide bomber about to blow himself up in a mall or airport.

Governments around the world are still trying to build checklists which should be followed by the security operatives. These checklists are rather long because they attempt to cover all aspects!! The result is that they limit the growth of the security intellect!. Security operatives have no need to grow their gut feeling and rely less and less on their instincts and impulses. The result is simple. If the security operatives sees something on the checklist then he knows what to do. If a particular behavior or suspicious sign is not on the checklist it means everything is fine!!! Wrong!! This is what causes security operatives to be passive and in turn causes sensitive installations to build the wrong security systems. This is a shift away from being proactive.

This shift away from the gut feeling will have unproductive results in the fight against terror