Written on
May 14, 2020

The Security Dimension in the Screening Process

The Security Dimension in the Screening Process

However, the security dimension of screening is not taken into account, leaving the organization extremely vulnerable to certain threats. When these threats manifest themselves within the organization, they can create irreversible damage in respect to:

1- Information security

2- Commercial espionage

3- Recruitment by terror organization of an employee

4- Recruitment by criminal organization of an employee

5- Competitive intelligence

6- Access to sensitive data

7- Profiles which have the tendency to be manipulated

In order to protect the organization against the above mentioned threats, it is imperative to have Pre-employment and Post- employment screening procedures in respect to the security dimension. These screening procedures which are dome prior to employment and after employment are designed to give us early identification and interception of any irregularity within the employee. These irregularities represent a set of behavioral indicators that are indicative of  premeditated threats that are activated by the person in an effort to cause damage to the organization.

The screening procedures prior to employment will be different than the ones after employment but will be part of the security department's operations. In addition, they will be imposed to the human resource department or outsource company as part of the recruitment process. This mandate will allow us top management the ability to perform ongoing screening to detect any irregularities and take action accordingly. These procedures will be looking at parameters such as honesty, secrecy, behavior in sensitive events, social engineering, ability to work under stress, lying and deception etc. An efficient security apparatus must be able to identify a problematic employee in the earliest phase possible in order to protect the company interests and define operational procedures for performing such activities.

Remember, the more sensitive the position, the higher the price of error and impact on the organization. Early detection is our objective which means that our starting baseline is at the initial human resources phase where future employees are being initially screened. The security aspect of the screening process is vital.

These threats could be carried directly by the person or indirectly through the person to another member of your organization.