Written on
May 14, 2020

The Security Concept- No Other Alternative

The Security Concept- No Other Alternative

Security is not an objective but rather a concept that needs to be implemented for protecting human lives and limiting physical damage to a facility. This conceptual reality must be based on a thorough understanding of who is our enemy, what are his methods of action, and what security measures are present for preventing or neutralizing these threats.

The development of a security plan must be based on a security concept that prioritizes:

Early warning

Impeding the collection of information

Surgical responses to specific threats

Security should not disturb the routine activities of the facility and work of its employees

The development of a security culture and awareness among all staff

Trained security guards with operational procedures

The development of real intelligence

Security rings which are interdependent and can act outside the critical areas

Strategic surprise of the enemy

Without a clear security concept, a security plan will be impotent when an emergency occurs and put at unnecessary risk its employees and increase the vulnerability level. The security concept will dictate the operational, strategic and procedural components of all the activities we carry in a proactive manner and give us the required human and technical resources to deal with the enemy.