Written on
May 14, 2020

The safety of your security or the security of your safety???

The safety of your security or the security of you

In order to ensure that your security tactics, procedures and culture are safe it is imperative to make a thorough assessment. As a result, you must ask yourself if your current security practices are safe to your employees, guards or operatives. Often your security system is unsafe to your employees and this creates risks that you are unaware of. You might feel that your current security system is efficient, but what if it is not safe to your security operatives??? Undoubtedly, you must make sure that your security system is efficient and at the same time functionally safe.

On the other hand if your security system is efficient and at the same time safe to your operatives, it becomes a win win situation. Securing the safety of your people is a primary security objective. By making this objective a priority, you will have created a more efficient security apparatus.

The only way you can achieve this is through the building of intelligent security rings that produce real time intelligence constantly. Real time intelligence provides you maximum security and safety that is possible. However, without real time intelligence, you lack real time data, make decisions in an irrational manner and clearly this sets of a domino effect that you cannot control.

A classical example can be seen in airports throughout the US and Europe where security is built without a thorough analysis of the modus operandi of the adversary. This puts the security operatives in an unsafe setting as the current security cannot respond in real time to ongoing threats. Build real time intelligence through very surgical security rings and this will give you operational security which can secure the safety of your personnel