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The Sacrifice Paradigm

In any security system it is imperative to define a sacrifice area. A sacrifice area is an area in your installation where you are willing to fight a terror attack and possibly have damage to your premises. This area is selected after having thoroughly built a proper security system that is proactive and has interdependent visible and non visible security rings. It is an area where you can best neutralize different threats because your response will be faster, more accurate and limit human and physical damage. this does not mean that this area is not secured! On the contrary, it means it is an area where you want to fight the adversary and bring the crisis to an end in the quickest manner.

The response capabilities are measured by your ability to neutralize the terrorists and limit damage. This is the reality test! Many will argue that other parameters are important but they are by products of the essence to a proactive security apparatus that can efficiently survive different scenarios.

I want to emphasize that building a sacrifice area or zone requires immense professionalism and understanding of the terror arena within your premises In addition, it requires knowing exactly what your security personnel capabilities are! The combination of these 2 components with an efficient security system that can produce real time intelligence is a requirement for building a sacrifice area or zone.

This process needs to be followed by extensive training on different scenarios to measure the real capabilities and what their impact is. Please do not confuse the content of this article with what is referred as a Buffer Zone. A buffer zone is not a sacrifice area!

Remember to bring your capabilities to the terrorists and not have the terrorists bring their capabilities to yours. This sacrifice paradigm is essential and will be one o the most crucial aspects of effective security against terror attacks.