Written on
May 14, 2020

The Operational Formula of Training

The Operational Formula of Training

Condor is strongly committed to offering state of the art training services. This objective is achieved through advanced technological solutions that include a multi functional training center that centralizes all modular scenarios according to the specifications of the course.

Our experience dictates the need to offer participants operational training grounds that serve theoretical and practical purposes in all pedagogical resolutions.

Therefore, as part of our respect for the adversary, we create training facilities that constitute the environment where our graduates are operative.

The success of any operation is directly connected to the typology of the training acquired and its resemblance to the respective field operations activity.

The Condor multifunctional training center operates 3 instructional learning centers that serve as the official training grounds for all our divisions

Israel operative training center- This area concentrates training facilities for law enforcement, military, police and special units. These facilities are strictly limited to official personnel and security operatives. This training ground constitutes advanced facilities for the learning and simulating of:

Intelligence (including technological labs, operational photography etc)

Surveillance and counter-surveillance

Counter-terror and special operations

Dignitary VIP Protection

High risk security

Advanced offensive and defensive driving

Anti Terror and hostage rescue operations

CQB training

Public transportation networks (bus, plane, and train)

Suicide terror (armed and unarmed)

Securing sensitive installations (airports, ports, terminals, central stations)

Combat shooting ranges (all weapons and calibers+ snipers)

Unarmed combat (all weapons + different level protective gear, all security related scenarios)

Paintball simulations

Technical applications

Conference rooms

Accommodation and catering services

Israel Strategic learning center- This center concentrates all theoretical learning and long distance/web/satellite training as offered in our institute and e-academy

As part of our overall training concept, Condor offers each division advanced technological facilities required for strategic learning modules.

These facilities include:


University security library research

Satellite distance training


Computer based programs

Condor publications library

Studio for building scenarios

Long distance academic learning

International training center- Condor understands the difficulties and restrictions caused by travel and sending personnel abroad.

In addition, legal restrictions sometimes require for training to be done locally in existing facilities.

Our professional relations with different law enforcement departments worldwide allow us to use their facilities internationally for organized groups. This facilitates the restrictions above mentioned and allows Condor instructors to be deployed on site for training abroad.

In addition, we believe that certain specialized training should be carried in the area of activity and involve integrated local instruction in areas such as law and domestic regulations.

Condor operates training services in advanced law enforcement facilities equipped with all the necessary equipment.