Written on
May 14, 2020

The need for an operational advantage of the adversary

The need for an operational advantage....

In terror the adversary has numerous advantages which must be taken into account. The adversary chooses when, how, where to attack. These 3 pillars of action are fundamental to understand because they dictate the essence of what our intelligence apparatus should strive to reach. In order to develop an efficient solutions, intelligence must address these 3 pillars through activating different sources for reaching this objective. When intelligence is prioritized to work according to these 3 objectives, security forces must be capable of applying the intelligence and reaching the terrorists in their planning phase or latest as they approach the attack venue selected.

Without this operational advantage we cannot have strategic surprise, which refers to the ability to surprise the enemy and not vice versa. Without an offensive dimension of security, there will not be strategic surprise, which in turn will catch us unprepared and it will be the enemy that has strategic surprise. This result in terror means victims and trying to arrest or neutralize the terrorist.

The development of this operational advantage entails strategic and tactical intelligence with proactive security mechanisms that are hunting and looking for the enemy. In addition, it is imperative to understand that National intelligence Agencies cannot always filter relevant intelligence to all threats! Every organization must have its own protective intelligence apparatus that develops intelligence from the field.

Therefore, an operational advantage of the adversary is only possible through this system and remains an effective tool for living with terror.