Written on
May 14, 2020

The misconceptions of security

The misconceptions of security

Security is a term used so frequently, yet so misunderstood by most governments, organizations and leaders.

Security is not the result of what you do and hope to achieve! Instead, it is the combination of multidisciplinary actions that you take based on the adversaries you have. If you do not know your adversaries at the operational level, you may be practicing security or hoping to reach it, but you are not secure!!

Being secure does not mean you will not be hit as there is no secure security. Being secure means that you are doing all you can to protect yourself offensively and defensively against your adversaries. In other words, you are secure by the fact that your actions are based on real time intelligence and concrete data which you translate into a modus operandi. Clearly, this is only the beginning phase of what is required for applying concrete security.

Concrete security is based on a very thorough methodology of action that brings your organization's capabilities to a symmetric level to those of your adversary. There is no security when your capabilities are asymmetric to those of your adversaries. Let me give you an example: In most airports there is security but they are not secure as we have seen! The airport's security apparatus is not symmetric with the capabilities of the adversary!

In fact, the post 9/11 era has not brought concrete security changes, thereby making our lives less secure. The solution lies in the capability factor- but the right one!