Written on
May 14, 2020

The Lack of a Security Apparatus or a Professional Adversary???

The Lack of a Security Apparatus or a Professional

The ongoing terror attacks in Europe and active shooters incidents in the US prove that there is no efficient security apparatus in place. However, it is far more comfortable to blame the lack of prevention and response mechanisms on the perpetrators'capabilities!

What capabilities? The ability to rent a van, car, or kill the driver of a truck and run it into a crowd of people? The ability to arrive to a local area and start stabbing people without the public reacting? The ability to engage in a running over and stabbing attack without anyone running over the terrorist? The ability to enter an hotel with a huge arsenal of firearms, place cameras outside a room and indiscriminately shoot at a crowd? The ability to enter a concert hall and blow yourself up?

All these events are the direct result of the inefficiency of the security system, specifically the lack of targeted intelligence, a weak security alignment, no defined security objectives, lack of trained personnel, lack of preventative and reactionary procedures, lack of civilian resilience, and poorly trained emergency response and law enforcement teams.

The operational denial that the current security systems are not symmetrical with the adversaries'modus operandi is the core problem that allows for this hole to become deeper and allow terrorists to easily perform simple attacks with concrete results.

A new modus operandi must be elaborated and applied that incorporates concrete steps for upgrading the security concept. This must include the following parameters:

Targeted intelligence

Knowing what to look for


A security system based on identifying irregular activities as early as possible ( early warning)

Strategic surprise of the adversary

Concrete preventative and response solutions to different sceanrios

Procedures which are built from the field and not academically

Targeted training

Resilience programs for civilians- Making them active

The incapacity of the current systems is what allows for these acts to take place, rather than the capabilities of the perpetrators. This premise is imperative for understanding the new dynamics. A change at the strategic and operational levels is imperative.