Written on
May 14, 2020

The Irrelevancy of most procedures

The Irrelevancy of most procedures

As a result, they are considered appropriate, creating a false positive faith based on statistics and probability.If they would be tested sporadically and not by an internal person who has hidden interests to show that the procedures are in accordance with the modus operandi, the results would be very different and show extreme vulnerabilities .

The problem lies in the fundamental reality that these procedures were not tested under real scenarios and did not go through an evolutionary process of receiving feedback from the field and operational scenarios.

Some important parameters:

Are operatives able to apply the procedures under stress?

Did they remember what to do or just improvised?

Were the bio mechanics in harmony with instinctive and impulsive reactions?

Are procedures effective against different people, situations, scenarios, after being injured, after physical and mental stress?

These parameters are seldom addressed due to OPERATIONAL DENIAL. Often change would mean admitting that current procedures are inadequate