Written on
August 20, 2019

The False Myth Behind Prevention

The False Myth Behind Prevention

States, organisations, security departments, security operatives, guards and many more like to use the word prevention when describing their daily routine and emergency activities. Often prevention is attributed to the fact that nothing serious has occurred, and therefore, it can be assumed that the current security apparatus is effective. This false myth is accompanied by the fact that there are passive measures together with standard security guards and the presence of police officers onsite. In addition, prevention is often referred to as an activity or modus operandi of the security apparatus. But let us get a few points clear and avoid making critical mistakes:  

1. Prevention is not an activity!. It is the result of offensive and defensive activities against your adversaries that have proven effective in thwarting and responding to hostile threats.

2. Prevention can only be achieved when the organisation has a security apparatus that has capabilities based on a field proven doctrine that is implemented with specific procedures

3. Prevention is achieved after learning the hard way. The designing of any security system must be based on the adversary