Written on
May 14, 2020

The Establishment of a Security Doctrine

The Establishment of a Security Doctrine

It is important to note that a security doctrine is founded upon a long process of intelligence development that allows you to understand how to build a system that contains the crucial pillars of security for a specific phenomenon. For example, if a nation wants to build a counter terrorist doctrine, it will be imperative to include the operational activities required for countering terrorism abroad and domestically. Once the objective has been decided, we must see how this objective will be targeted and bring the operational results. In this part of the process, most nations and organizations make their mistakes. Their objectives are good but they lack the operational components for achieving them.

Therefore, we should first analyze the components required for achieving our objectives , rather than setting up objectives without the implementation of the required components. Any security doctrine will require creating the operational components which will achieve the objectives. For example, a nation that does not have proactive security as part of its principles of activity will not achieve certain objectives related to this component such as an effective counter terror doctrine.

in this article, we suggest reversing the order in order to build the necessary posture for achieving the operational objectives. This process has proven itself and allows us to create the groundwork for achieving our objectives, rather than setting up objectives which do not have the components for reaching our target.