Written on
May 14, 2020

The Creation of a Self Security Profile

The Creation of a Self Security Profile

Did you ever consider profiling yourself or your organization? How are you classified by your potential adversaries? Do they see you as an easy target? Is it easy to collect information from your employees? How do they rank your security? Do you deter them?

You may not be using profiling or behavioral assessment techniques for identifying suspicious people but may be you should start profiling yourself!! I believe this is the only way America and Europe will begin assessing how terrorists view your organization.Instead of performing passive security assessments, spending money on technology, designing a security system which is passive, try self profiling yourself first. But do it from the eye's of the enemy.

The findings will allow you to supervise yourself and understand how you are classified and perceived by the enemy. Once you have built a profile of yourself, you can decide if the profile is to your satisfaction. If it is not, you can then take the necessary human and technological measures for changing the current profile. Remember how you view your security system is not how the enemy views it! This difference is crucial and can only be obtained through a self security profiling process.

You will find this process very beneficial and it will open your eyes to understanding furthermore why behavioral profiling is such an incredible tool. For those who are skeptical, try it on yourself and assess how the adversary classifies you. Consequently, you will ten, want to exercise this tactic on the adversary. It works.....