Written on
May 14, 2020

Terror- The Ultimate Denial- Not even treating the symptoms

Terror-The Ultimate Denial...

The level of denial that is seen within the US and Europe is growing more than ever in the aftermath of the recent terror attacks.

Emphasis is placed on trying to understand two crucial component s to US and Europe. These are:

What are the motivations inherent to this attack?

Why do terrorist select us as targets?

Both these questions show the level of denial and operational misjudgment in understanding terror and the beating around the bush syndrome. This syndrome relies on taking care of the immediate symptoms rather than taking care of the root problem! As a result the treatment usually lies in more police patrols for a few days, political speeches and attempting to shift the responsibility to other sources. And then the usual sentence saying " lone wolves are impossible to stop"

I am surprised at this level of denial that interferes with modern societies assuming the basic responsibility of protecting its critical infrastructures and citizens.

This should include the building of a security doctrine for terror scenarios and customized security solutions at the preventative and reactionary levels. Without such a platform terror acts will be on the rise as the success rate is exponentially increasing.

Europe and the US should concentrate on building security solutions and efficient apparatus rather than looking for answers to unimportant questions. If your security is adequately built for these scenarios, you will have preventative and reactionary solutions for lone wolves as well. In fact, it should not matter who is the adversary if the security apparatus is correct.

Knowing whether the terrorist is unstable, depressed or whatever will not help! It is having the operational resources to stop him that is of utmost importance.

Where are the operational priorities?