Written on
May 14, 2020

Security profiling for other venues- Not just airports

Security profiling for other venues- Not just...

The creation and implementation of a security concept is an operational objective that needs to be adopted. Failure to do so will facilitate the execution and success of more terror attacks.

The myth that security is based on a copy paste approach, placing military personnel, increasing the amount of cameras is an extreme shift away from what needs to be done. The Europeans and Americans need to define what their security objectives are and make sure they are fit to deal with the current threats. If such threats cannot be prevented and neutralized with the existing security concept, then clearly an extreme change is required. The recent events in the last 2 hears have shown that no single terror attack has been prevented or thwarted in real time by the law enforcement community and first responders. In addition, no civilians were proactively involved in neutralizing the threat. There is no clearer indication that demonstrated that there is no security concept. Instead, there is an amateur attempt to build non proven tactics based on security models that are irrelevant to the current modus operandi. Intelligence is always lacking or if present it is not distributed in real time for countering terror plans. Security forces take a long time to respond and show their inexperience in managing such scenarios. Civilians show a lack of resilience and empowerment and are not made to become proactive in assisting law enforcement.

Tonight is Manila, and most countries are not immune to becoming victims of a terror attack. However, the operational wake up call is still not ringing and more of the same or same of more will not work.