Written on
May 14, 2020

Observation VS Interview- or Both?

Observation VS Interview

If the security measures allow it, use both channels in order to connect the dots and reach a rapid classification of the threat. If the use of both channels is not possible, rely more on the non verbal channel which includes mainly behavior and appearance in order to classify a threat.Most of the indicators of the non verbal channels will not be visible to the security operator as they must be triggered and provoked by the security apparatus which stems to disturb only the bad elements.Consequently, you must be present in different parts of the theater of operation so that when the threat is identified you are already there to contain/arrest/neutralize. There seems to be still a lot of ignorance to what is involved in real operational profiling activity- thereby, making it very fashionable to say it does not work or cannot be implemented. The problem lies in the way the security apparatus is structured and not in using the correct methodology.  This constant denial has motivated organisations just to add more indicators rather than focusing on what is essential.