Written on
May 14, 2020

Most nations have a security department- but not a Security Apparatus for each type of threat

Most nations have a security department

The concept of security apparatus builds on distinct yet functional elements with dynamic and structural value. This entry examines security as the state of being—or at least feeling—secure and considers, in particular, the meaning of security defined as the safety of a state or an organization against criminal activities such as terrorism or espionage and other potential dangers. The security apparatus is considered as a complex structure, usually a segment of a larger organization, as well as the equipment required for a particular purpose. The structures responsible for providing security to a society and its population reflect the contemporary values held by a country or any other human organization.

The current threat of terrorism requires the building of specific security apparatus for dealing with different threats. In addition, governments need to build specific security apparatus for malls, airports, citizens, recreational centers, ports and critical infrastructures. Clearly, the security apparatus cannot be the same for all structures and placing police is not considered an apparatus but just a simple copy and paste superficial measure.

Each critical infrastructure will need to have specifically trained security guards and not an overall poorly trained security guard. Intervening in a densely populated mall to an active terrorist is different that patrolling the outside perimeter of an airport.

It's about time to develop these apparatuses and deal with the problem accordingly. Excuses are no longer acceptable.