Written on
May 14, 2020

Living with terror or living with security

Living with terror or living with security

Governments and nations have to make the choice between living with terror or living with security. Over the latest years and events, many academicians and experts have emerged out of nowhere to give recommendations that advise governments to learn to live with terror. This same advice has been given to citizens that see their freedom of life being violated by terror.

But can you learn to live with terror??? If yes, what does it mean? Recommendations are nice to have but they do not teach you to deal with extreme situations. They may be able to increase your awareness but denial usually takes over!! So what is the solution?

The solution resides in making security a basic intrinsic component of society. Security is a need and therefore must become a way of life. Through security governments and citizens will be able to live better lives. Making security part of your life makes you learn how to live with terror but not the opposite. If you learn to live with terror it means you have learned to live without security. But if you learn to live with security you learn to live with terror!

In fact, why is it so difficult for Europeans and Americans to live with security? The answer is simple: Governments are trying to understand why terror hits them rather than finding solutions and making security an operational, strategic and tactical requirement. Drinking clean water is a requirement, so why isn't adequate security a requirement?

Governments will not achieve this alone and need the civilian population to be part of the solution. Stop trying to understand why terror happens. Instead make security a basic requirement like going to the groceries or brushing your teeth. Remember security must be smart and intelligent and you will see how the human mind succeeds in the habituation process.