Written on
May 14, 2020

Life and Terror- A Forever Status Quo

Life and Terror- A Forever Status Quo

Yes it is, because in our nature, we seem to look for a status quo surrounded by negotiation and peace. However, this is not always possible and nations must accept the fact that the best alternative to a worse status quo is the current status quo!

If citizens cannot accept this reality, then security professionals must! because they need to understand that enhancing our capabilities to deal with certain threats is imperative even if we do not like it. Often, the presence of these threats makes us develop security solutions that can enforce a livable status quo. Without these security solutions this status quo would not be maintained and our lives would be much worse. Accepting this reality will compel security professionals to become proactive and create an alignment to maintain this status quo which allows us to carry our lives and daily activities. If security professionals become naive and do not accept this reality, they will fall into an irreversible trap. Security is the most important ingredient to the development of peace provided the opponent wants the same thing.

However, if the agenda of the opponent is different, security is the most important ingredient to preventing loosing our status quo and entering a state of worsening of our lives.Le us invest in security so that we have the right ingredients needed to protect our citizens and democratic values.