Written on
May 14, 2020

Is the willingness to die in an attack greater than the willingness to protect???

Is the willingness to die in an attack greater...

The answer is simple but unpleasant! Theoretically speaking, western democracies put human lives at the top of their moral and operational pyramids! But in practice, the opposite is true as the current security capabilities are nowhere near where they should be if your protection is the primary role.

The willingness to live is measured by how you treat your own security capabilities, the way you collect information, the kind of procedures you apply, the way you screen your manpower, the security rings you create, the respect you have for the adversary, our security culture, your training and the list is long.

If these components are not at the required level and nothing is done about it, one could assume that your protection of motivation to live is definitely not high. If your motivation is high, why has nothing changed? The only thing that has changed is within the technological factor.... but in nothing else is the motivation applied in the field.

I suggest everyone carefully thinks about this paradigm and analyze where your willingness is in relation to the terrorist's??

The gap cannot be large if you want to have the preventative and response tactics against hostile activities