Written on
August 20, 2019

Is Deterrence an Objective or the Result of Proactive Activity?

Is Deterrence an Objective or the Result

Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking and based on mere probability and a false understanding of a motivated and capable adversary. If security is planned and organized according to deterrence it is virtual and lacks the required alignments for effective prevention and neutralization. Deterrence is the result of an extensive security apparatus that has the necessary capabilities s for dealing with different opponents.

Therefore, proactive security tactics in conjunction with real time intelligence is what develops a solid security apparatus that deals effectively during routine and emergency situations. When this apparatus is active, our capabilities are tested and are there to interfere with the operational plan of the opponent. Early interception allows us to isolate the problem, treat it accordingly and minimize human damage.  This ongoing preventative and neutralization apparatus is what eventually develops into a deterrent policy, whereby the adversary is aware of the obstacles it will have into putting into action the attack. Deterrence is the result of extensive proactive security tactics that are present to disturb the adversary without understanding why in an effort to keep our security alignment varied and difficult to pick up.

Therefore, let us not prioritize and set as an objective to be deterrent. Let us prioritize our resources for the development of a proactive security culture which will in turn develop deterrence.