Written on
May 14, 2020

Installation Security

Installation Security

The security reality for protecting such installations against terrorist activity requires a specific security posture designed for such opponent activity. The copy paste approach has never worked and will never work. It is not possible to apply a regular passive security system for dealing with terrorist threats. Instead, new tactics and response mechanisms are required to be developed, implemented and applied at the preventative and neutralization levels.

The lack of security culture is increasing as attacks increase and this raises questions on the current security understanding. This regression is a sign of a deep misunderstanding of the adversary and what is required. This phenomena has developed due to the lack of security awareness accompanied by the rise of unprofessional security experts that have taken advantage of the current climate for developing their marketing. The client is a victim as it does not know how to distinguish between a serious and experienced professional in this arena, to solutions that have developed out of an artificial box.

Time has come to develop customized counter terror and anti-terror security tactics for protecting sensitive installations and adopt a security posture that can allow for the proper continuation of the activity without disregarding the real operational requirements for proactively protecting the visitors and the premises of the installation