Written on
May 14, 2020

Finding the Proactive Harmony Between Instincts and Impulses

Finding the Proactive Harmony Between Instincts

In security scenarios that require a rapid response, our stress response is often controlled by our natural instincts. However, these instincts are often in opposition to what should be done in order to solve the situation.

This paradox is the result of our instincts becoming structured in a pattern that the brain seeks to associate with past experience and consequently select the most suitable response mechanisms. But what happens if the brain does not find any correlation with a past experience??? In this case we either do not respond, or respond wrongly and in both cases this is counterproductive and may escalate the situation. This is the reason why so many security operatives, first responders, police officers make crucial tactical, operational and strategic mistakes when faced with irregular situation. They will act in a way that the brain simulates as being resemblant to a past experience or pattern of activity!!! But how many of us have neutralized with our open hands a suicide bomber?? or ran towards an active shooter to bite his whole body while he has a malfunction or is changing magazines??? These and many other reactions would save our lives and resolve certain situations but the brain has no place to look for them. Therefore, these actions will be very difficult for you to perform. Instead, you will find it easier to call for help, take cover, bend down and perform activities which are useless in a time of crisis.

With specific surgical training you can improve your instinctive behavior but will not know if you will be able to react according to the trained methods and tactics. Often, courses are interesting, practical but not implementable in real time as instincts overcome the techniques you were shown and therefore you remain impotent or act the wrong way!!!

So the only solution is to go through complex IMPULSE SURGICAL TRAINING which is fully responsive in times of stress. These trained instincts or impulses must be accompanied by a set of programmed response mechanisms that are in harmony with your brain and body and generate a powerful technique that works and that you are able to act upon!

It is a form of surgical human programming backed by adequate techniques that your brain forces you to act upon, thereby making your instincts proactively regulated by your technical impulses. This catharsis allows you to maximize all channels of activity, neutralize your counter productive instincts and perform according to very specific techniques that have been tested, dissected and analyzed to make sure they work.

Condor has advanced security programs in this area for professional that seek to develop these skills.