Written on
May 14, 2020

Do not look for an explanation to terrorist attacks

Do not look for an explanation to terrorist attack

Time has come for the different professional communities to stop wasting time with useless reasoning and face the capability factor in preventing and responding to terror attacks.

Only 2 questions need to be addressed:

Are my capabilities to prevent and respond symmetric to those of my adversary??

If they are not, what must i do to develop the required apparatus that will be able to collect intelligence in real time and respond effectively???

If these questions are not addressed and taken care off, any explanation that you are looking for in analyzing the terrorists'motivation will not help you when they attack your target!!!

This is the raw bottom line and needs immediate attention! You must be humble and respectful of the adversary's capabilities and raise your own. Do not waste trying to understand their motivations because it will not help you in real time!!