Written on
May 14, 2020

Defining the Security Objectives

Defining the Security Objectives

Defining a security objective is based upon carrying an operational vulnerability assessment of the adversary and their modus operandi. This operational assessment will define what are your current capabilities to deal with certain methods of attack.

Unfortunately, this methodology was not applied after the Nice attacks for understanding the current European capabilities for dealing with a similar attack. Upon completion of the operational assessment, the results need to be analyzed and a security plan with specific objectives must be formulated. This ensures that your security plan and the formulation of the objectives will be done based on a real assessment and prevent you from establishing security objectives which are unreachable. At the same time, you cannot stand still and not do anything once you have conducted such an assessment. This methodology will help the Europeans become more realistic and build realistic solutions to a relatively old modus operandi that has taken the lives of many civilians throughout the world.

Such assessments will unfold vulnerabilities in the intelligence, strategic, operational, combat and procedural spheres of action, all crucial components in the fight against terror. The security apparatus will have to approach such components and prepare a comprehensive security plan that will address the core issues and not the generalized symptoms.

What we know for sure is that the current security apparatus in Europe is extremely limited and cannot deal with such scenarios. The security apparatus needs to think outside the box and implement new disciplines of action such as protective intelligence, proactive tactics, combat intelligence and a security concept for the fight against terror.