Written on
May 14, 2020

Defining Security Objectives

Defining Security Objectives

Before designing security objectives, organizations need to evaluate their security system and analyze its functional capabilities. By functional capabilities, organizations will understand if their security plan is in harmony with its security objectives. For example, if my security system is defensive and integrates the use of CCTV cameras with static security guards and periodic patrols, what is the real functional capability???? Can this prevent or be a response to a terror attack??? The answer is no! If your objective was to be able to watch in your CCTV system how the terror attack took place, then your current system is fine!!! However, one of the security objectives of the organization is the prevention of a terrorist attack! so what is the connection between functional capabilities, security objectives and actual security system?? There is no connection and this is the problem, so let us see how the connection needs to be structured.

The first step is to analyze the current capabilities of your existing system and see their functional application within your organization. Once this is objectively measured, you need to define your security objectives. At this stage, you will realize that these two channels are not in harmony. In other words, your security objectives cannot be achieved through your current capabilities and existing security system. Now you have two choices: either you live with this fact and assume responsibility through living in security denial, or you change your current security system so that it can achieve your security objectives. Hopefully  you will select  option 2 , but now your hard work will start.

For every security objective you have set you will need to prepare security solutions and procedures that work and can be applied in real time. In addition, you will need to make changes in your training program and develop a security doctrine that is tailored to your objectives. Once this hard process is terminated you have a solid groundwork for efficiently planning your security operations during routine and emergency situations. Your security plans will be now based on effective functional capabilities that are dictated by your security objectives. This integration will allow you to design an intelligence application of these capabilities.