Written on
May 14, 2020

Asymmetric Conflicts Require Asymmetric Security Solutions

Asymmetric Conflicts Require Asymmetric Security

The asymmetric actors enjoy an operational advantage of being a paramilitary entity with a variety of capabilities that combine guerrilla tactics with state sponsored terrorism.

This reality makes it difficult for state institutions, law enforcement and first responders to build effective responses that can be easily implemented and bring the operational results.

For these reasons, governments, first responders and organizations need to build and develop asymmetric security solutions which are offensive and are the building blocks of a counter -terrorism doctrine. This doctrine must be built on solid offensive methods of action which bring the problem to the opponent's arena and therefore, create a system whereby the opponent is proactively attacked and intercepted away from the home ground. These asymmetric solutions must include but are not limited to the following activities:

Creation of small specialized squads

Offensive intelligence

Strategic surprise

Ongoing deterrence

Designing of proactive security systems

Surgical operations that lower the capabilities of the opponent

Strong resilience programs for the civilian population

The creation of a counter-terror doctrine

Bringing the problem to the opponent's arena

A solid security culture

These above mentioned methodologies constitute some of the asymmetric solutions required for dealing with asymmetric conflicts like terrorism or targeted hostile activities aimed at destroying modern societies.

Without this set of solutions, governments will have serious difficulty in protecting the home front, their citizens and their critical infrastructures.

Asymmetric conflicts cannot be fought with conventional tactics. Let us become smarter and think outside the box!