Written on
May 14, 2020

A set of new security concepts (Basic Introductory Level Required for Operational Security)

A set of new security concepts

The recent events make it imperative to develop a set of new security concepts to be integrated within an organization's security culture and apparatus:

Offensive security- This security concept refers to a proactive approach to all aspects of security and if properly used will give you an early warning and make the adversary's activities more complex

Strategic surprise- This security concept refers to the activities performed by the organization so that it is us that surprise the adversary and not the opposite. Strategic surprise will enhance your preventative and neutralization capabilities

Surgical solutions- Any security apparatus of an organization must have surgical solutions to specific threats in order to neutralize and respond accordingly. This will save lives and limit damage to the facility while providing an efficient response mechanism during routine and emergency situations

Internal intelligence- Organizations or installations cannot depend on intelligence coming from the national security agencies alone. They must have their own intelligence department which proactively engages in protective intelligence tactics onsite and can deliver immediate responses

Screening of security operatives- Security operatives must be screened according to a set of new criteria which entail their mental, physical and psychological suitability to the events that they may face in their functions. It is required to implement the regular screening procedures with advanced simulations that test these aptitudes under stress

Development of a security culture- Without an adequate security culture with a one language security awareness, adequate DNA, operational preparedness, organizations will fail at the most basic things

Procedures which are written by field operatives- Procedures are often built by the wrong people and security operatives are expected to work according to a wrong concept. Make sure you appoint the right people and that everything is tested, analyzed before it is made a procedure

Specific training for the function- Often, security functions are given training which is irrelevant to the spectrum of qualities required for working in different theaters of action. Make sure the training is adversary based and relevant

The list is much more amplified but this is the basic platform required for beginning to work in security. Without this, whatever the organization has, it will fail in responding.