Written on
May 14, 2020

A Nuclear Plant = Sensitive installation = a Shopping Street

Nuclear Plant=Sensitive installation=a ...

As terror continues to hit Europe, the security concept of what is a sensitive installation is rapidly changing. Throughout the years sensitive installations have been classified according to their level of importance, sensitive activity and impact if something was to hit them. This remains true but has created a sudden shift in the modern definition of a sensitive installation.

Since the recent terror attacks have occurred in standard locations and downtown centers, it is imperative to classify these areas as being sensitive. For terrorists they are attractive targets as the information gathering process is simple, security is not present, and therefore, the decision to select it as a target is immediate with a relatively high success rate. So should governments classify such areas as being sensitive and apply respective security tactics and systems??? The answer is yes. However, it is more complex to secure than a plant or military base and requires specific security systems that can prevent and respond to such scenarios.

I propose to define the security concept and determine what components comprise a sensitive installation or soft target? This will facilitate the consolidation of security standards so that attacks such As Nice and Berlin are limited and adequate security is implemented.

Please bear in mind that once this is established, the process does not involve a copy paste approach or just putting more policemen in place! This process is far more complex and differs in each location. Think what other attacks could have taken place in Nice and Berlin, individually, simultaneously or using other methods of action.We look forward to your comments and contact