Written on
May 14, 2020

A new operational role

A new operational role

Observation and neutralization must come together so that we can have an important strategic surprise on the adversary. The connection of these 2 roles is imperative in order to act in real time and avoid unnecessary communication between the observers and the reactionary force.

In the recent attacks there is never any professional personnel that happens to be onsite in order to profile the terrorist and act in real time. Failure to do so will limit the capabilities of law enforcement to prevent or neutralize the terrorists in real time. Combat intelligence refers to a function that uses advanced observation and intelligence gathering techniques and creates an opportunity for immediate neutralization. In addition, the chance of a mistake is very minimal as the information is being observed by someone in the field which is close to the terrorists and has an objective and rational analysis of the situation.

Such personnel must be placed in strategic areas and be dynamic with extensive operational capabilities.