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Condor Healthcare specializes in the development of operational policies for the management of sensitive information, capabilities and risk factors specific to Pharma Security. It is imperative that Pharma Security becomes a central issue for effective prevention of information leakages and the misuse of these capabilities for planning criminal and terrorist activities against modern democracies. This challenge requires building customized security solutions specific to the pharma security industry that address the prevention, neutralization and deterrent channels.

Condor Healthcare acknowledges pharma security as an independent security industry that is yet to become one of the primary concerns for national security agencies. This sector does not exist as an independent security sector with its specific requirements. Condor adheres to addressing this industry with outmost concern and devotes vast resources to developing multidisciplinary solutions for a threat we believe is becoming a ticking bomb in the near future. Our array of solutions resides in specialized consulting and training modules that are designed to fit the operational requirements of pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, management, researchers, and selective personnel that have sensitive knowledge. Condor Healthcare believes in implementing a surgical approach to increasing security awareness and building customized security policies and protocols specific to each theatre of action. Condor offers advisory and training services in dealing with the major threats inherent to pharma security.


Some of the major threats include but are not limited to:

  • Protection of sensitive data

  • Recruitment of human sources by criminal and terrorist activities

  • Inadequate physical protection mechanisms of sensitive installations

  • Sabotage of sensitive installations

  • Kidnapping of resourceful figures

  • Security of transportation networks

  • Inadequate human resources screening process

  • Pre employment Screening Procedures

  • Post employment screening procedures

  • Terrorist domino effect of sensitive knowledge

  • Development of new unconventional methods of terrorism

  • Contamination of the medical chain

  • Counterfeiting


Our specialists have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the security dimension of this sector. Condor addresses these issues from the solution perspective and not only from the threat levels in an effort to offer our clients systematic preventative and proactive resources for maximizing pharma security. Our unique approach integrates the two worlds by taking our clients through the whole adversary modus operandi at the tactical level and then implementing specific security solutions surgically fit to respond to these threats. Our courses and workshops are operational and hands on so that our clients can benefit from innovative tools that can be implemented within the different channels of the organization. For more specific information please contact us.


Simulations are an integral part of developing capabilities for responding to an event that requires operative tools for saving lives and protecting vital assets. Simulations should be directly symmetrical to the threats of the adversaries which may target our premises.

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