A Symbiosis of Safety
and Security

My 22 Security App

Condor has developed a unique set of technological solutionsfor Emergency Management, Security Operations, Sensitive Event Management and Terror Response. These solutions are software based and can also be delivered on a Web Platform with a Set of Apps for Android and IOS.

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These solutions cannot replace or substitute the human factor but can definitely
serve as an operational tool for the successful management of hostile events..

Different types
of services for users of our App

The system functions as a hybrid solution, so that an organization can switch from a preventive mode of operation (I-See), to emergency management (I-Sec) in a fraction of a second, while providing all at the same time streamed media (i-Know) of events going on. The system can be embedded to IP-based camera protocols, IP-based products and different existing technologies.

My22 is provided as a Bring Your Own Device solution (BYOD), allowing users to use their own smartphones (Android or iOS), without compromising the level of security in the organization. Security administrators use a web-based, cloud served interface and no software local installation is required.

I-see 22

Is a unique software and platform for identifying suspicious behavior inherent to terror, radicalization, inner threat and suspicious people. In addition, the system is designed to identify safety and security vulnerabilities in an objective manner and rapid decision making process.

I-sec 22

Is a unique software and app platform for the real-time response and management of different scenarios. Our system specializes in the management of different scenarios during the peak critical moments.

I-know 22

Is fully integrated within I-sec 22 and serves as a live video and stills platform for delivering real time visuals of emergencies and hostile events. These images and videos can be tracked to their respecting zone and alert security forces and employees should the scenario require.

My 22 Software

We believe that Security organizations, sensitive facilities and directors of security need unique technological platforms
that can assist them in prevention and response to security and safety matters. Our set of solutions can be tailored for B To B.


A strategic and operational platform for Real time Prevention
and Emergency Response Management

Early warning

Anticipate your threats and mitigate your risks

Connecting the dots

Prioritize your decision making process

Live intelligence

Ongoing real time intelligence generator

Identification of irregularities

Intercept suspicious signs and prevent an emerging scenario

Detection of scenario

Identify the exact type of emergency

Surgical response

Apply in real time the respective response tactics