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Mass Casualty Simulations

Simulations are an integral part of developing capabilities for responding to an event that requires operative tools for saving lives and protecting vital assets. Simulations should be directly symmetrical to the threats of the adversaries which may target our premises.

Healthcare institutions and first responders may be subject to dealing with a mass casualty event. Such events are extremely well planned and interfere with the institution’s security response because of simultaneous strikes and intricate tactics taken by the terrorist to cause an irreversible amount of casualties even when evacuating injured from the initial striked area. These events involve differnt types of explosives, the use of suicide terorrists, car bombs and armed attacks simultaneously activated in order to cause a domino effect and leave first responders killed during evacuation.

Condor strongly adheres to simulating such events and having the different first responder teams as well as emergency services work in these theatres of operation in order to develop a modus operandi that can contain such events and neutralize the perpetrators as fast as possible while protecting the others. Please contact us for further information.