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Law Enforcement

A state is an institutional organization with power to govern and with some ruling elements. Each state creates instruments that allow the ruler to rule, to make laws and to have the necessary forces to implement law and order in this state. The law enforcement is the solid basis of any common social and political life in any kind of regime.

In different states the law enforcement units have different names, but almost the same tasks- and we deal here only with western democratic countries.

In this section we will examine the different law enforcement branches and present the relevant intelligence services we can offer.

Homeland Security

As part of its full-scale police solutions, the Condor Intelligence division has initiated consultancy services to facilitate integration of intelligence and special combat operations. These services include, among others, intelligence gathering in enemy territory, performing clandestine, arrests/targeted objective, undercover kidnap, covert activities in high risk areas, and undercover activities within security layers. The main objective of these services is to provide police units and squads an operational platform which they facilitates the implementation of combat intelligence activities inherent to their challenges.

The Condor Intelligence division has identified the global need for consultancy and professional guidance in building/upgrading intelligence departments for different police units. Due to growing threats and risks in homeland security issues, intelligence has become a crucial component in police missions in all phases of preventive, countering and deterrent activity. We offer this consultancy service to various police divisions including special investigation departments, border control units, organized crime units, and special intervention teams. This service is provided by leading experts with an extensive international knowledge in building intelligence departments in law enforcement entities.

Condor offers intelligence consulting and training services for homeland security industry and we can deliver special services in:

  • National Security

  • Risk Analisys

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Combat Intelligence

Governmental Agencies

Intelligence and working with live sources

Live sources can generate priceless first hand intelligence that may have a major and long lasting effect on thousands. They are usually the most valuable sources to the agency but at the same time the most complicated source there is to activate.

We, at Condor Intelligence offer you our profound knowledge in recruiting and activating live sources, operating undercover, clandestine techniques and other important elements of intelligence and working with live sources. We believe that these abilities and skills are the hard core of every governmental agency operating in the field of law enforcement.

Surveillance and counter-surveillance

The Condor Intelligence division operates surveillance and counter-surveillance advisory services, designated for governmental agencies. These services provide guidance on how to create professional and efficient surveillance and counter-surveillance teams, for different missions and in various situations.

These services are generated from our deep understanding regarding the unique strategies of clandestine activity carried out by governmental agencies as a part of their challenges against various adversaries.


The military section deals with consulting and training programs for special military units. The conventional military concept usually deals with big units, large amount of soldiers and a lot of technology, logistics and administration.

This is the advantage of the military units, but it’s also the weakness of such large and heavy human structures, that will have difficulty when fighting against small, versatile and mobile units.

This problem is very obvious when it comes to situation in which military forces stands against small guerilla groups such as underground or subversive movements or terrorist organizations. These are, usually, very small units that are quick to act and to react, can displace themselves easily from one place to another, know very well the area un which they operate and also have contacts with the local population that serve them as suppliers of food, arms or shelter. To fight successfully such groups there is a need for military units with the same characteristics- small, versatile, mobile, well acquainted with the ground, well trained for non-conventional fighting and survival.

Condor offers specialized intelligence services for the military and its small specialized units.


The conventional police forces have, as a routine, missions of order and law enforcement, fighting crime, controlling the traffic on the roads and highways, fighting drugs etc. The routine training and instruction of policemen includes topics that are relevant to these missions and includes a personal training part and a unit’s training part.

There are sometimes special needs and situations that require different Modus-Operandi of police forces- it can be a need to fight terror, or organized crime, guarding the borders of the country, participating in anti-subversive activities or any other special tasks. The police itself might not have the knowledge, the experience, the required techniques and skills needed in order to prepare quickly and effectively such special police units.

In such event we offer our professional and didactical abilities that are based on many years of rich experience. We can create a special police unit in 1-3 month of basic training that will prepare each one of the staff to every possible situation on the field. They will have, in a short period of time, the required skills and qualities that will make them totally task-oriented and flexible enough to find solutions to new problematic situations.