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As part of its full-scale police solutions, the Condor Intelligence division has initiated consultancy services to facilitate integration of intelligence and special combat operations. Those services include, among others, intelligence gathering in enemy territory and performing clandestine, arrests/targeted objective, undercover kidnap, covert activities in high risk areas and covert activities within security layers. The main objective of these services is to provide new police units and squads an operational platform on which they would be able to implement all combat intelligence activities inherent to their challenges.

The Condor Intelligence division has identified the global need for consultancy and professional guidance in building intelligence department for different police units. Due to growing threats and risks in homeland security issues, it has become a well known fact that intelligence is a crucial component in the police work, in all missions and throughout every phase of preventing, countering and deterring. We offer this consultancy service to various police divisions as investigation departments, border control, immigration and more. This service is provided by leading experts with an extensive international knowledge in building intelligence departments in law enforcement entities.

Terror attacks that occurred during the past few years have clarified the need of counter terror units as a part of the police organizational and operational units, all over the world. The Condor Intelligence division offers advisory services, designed for police departments who wish to establish counter terror units within themselves. We specialize in creating small and smart independent operative teams designated to fight and foil hostile activities. Since we believe that intelligence is the basic element in any countering challenge, our emphasis is on developing operational skills that will allow these teams to generate intelligence data within an overall apparatus and on a constant manner.

Interrogations and operating undercover missions

A large part of the police work must be performed undercover. The Condor Intelligence division has a set of professional solutions to offer in this field for any clandestine activity of the police. The include investigations techniques, building cover ups and underground operations, communication and meetings undercover as well as the creation of suitable covert infrastructure.
Our division’s consultants are at your disposal for establishing undercover procedures in an array of intelligence operations within different police units and departments.

Condor Specializes in conducting operations in specific areas, including:

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Domestic

  • International

  • Protection Mechanisms

  • Surveillance