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The Condor Intelligence division provides consultancy services for ground and costal protection systems. These services put an emphasis on the operational side of intelligence work in installation security. We offer it to a wide verity of installations as army bases, airports, ports and other sensitive facilities. Each installation receives custom tailored solutions that take into account its functions and specific operational considerations.


Site protection systems are mandatory for sensitive installations as international borders, check points and airports. Being aware to this crucial need, the Condor Intelligence division offers consultancy services for these kinds of installations internationally. This includes practical guidance in creating strategic installation files and field briefs in order to produce an effective security system for each facility.

Head of Security

The Condor Intelligence division has developed operational and technological solutions necessary for protecting installations against hostile attacks. As part of these solutions, we offer a pro-active advisory in building procedures files for heads of security departments. The division’s specialists combine all related issues as emergency evacuation procedures and crisis management in their guidance. In addition, they perform risk analysis and threat assessment in each project in order to create the most adequate file for your needs.

As part of Condor Intelligence services for heads of security departments in the field of installation files, this division also operates Audits and tests of existing installation files in order to check test the credibility and efficiency of the security department for dealing with criminal and terrorist activity at all levels. We are set to perform this service internationally by conducting simulations, exercises and drills to the local security department personnel.

The Condor Intelligence division has developed the field report software application. This software was designed as a comprehensive security network of all operational procedures for large organizations that have a security department. Its objectives are aimed to provide the head of security custom tailored solutions for securing their installation according to various risk analyses and evaluation of the nature and means of the adversary. This latest development is part of our obligation to provide our customers professional and up to date tools in the field of security systems.

Sensitive Installations

The Condor Intelligence division has started in operating security surveys for sensitive installations as army bases, factories, airports, high risk structures, etc. These services are designed for installations that require specific policy making strategies due to their functions and objectives.

Our operative teams conduct these surveys with a thorough preliminary groundwork and in-depth analysis that relates to every aspect of the installation and its security system.