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The Condor Installations Division offers a wide range of solutions, consultancy service and training programs in the field of installation protection, intended for law enforcement, governmental entities and corporate organizations. Solutions that include proactive mechanisms for external security as well as internal security methodologies for effective prevention, neutralization and deterrence.



Terror attacks on sensitive facilities are a primary source of destabilization of the daily activities of citizens in free societies.

These facilities represent the national freedom of a state and serve as the primary source of economic growth, development, social growth and create a severe impact if attacked.

Consequently, states invest considerable resources in protecting these facilities against different attacks by placing great emphasis on technology and passive solutions.

These solutions are limited as the real task falls on having effective security procedures, field reports of these facilities and trained first responders for rapid response mechanisms.

Condor places great emphasis on building the most crucial pillars of securing these facilities by offering consulting and training services in the above mentioned channels.

Our services are surgically structured to fit the operational risks associated with:

  • Protection of schools

  • Security solutions for university campuses

  • Protection of stadiums and sport events against terror attacks

  • Mall security tactics

  • Protective solutions for embassies (integration of internal security with local security forces)

  • Physical protection of educational institutes

  • Designing of security systems for plants


Compounds are usually classified as high risk structures that require defensive and offensive security tools with proactive security teams.

Condor offers specialized consulting and training services for compounds operating in high risk areas. These services are customized and include the designing security systems through human and technical solutions.

Our compound security services include and are not limited to:

  • Compound installation files

  • The building of a compound security department

  • Compound security operative teams

  • Intelligence strategies for compounds

  • Security audits for compounds

  • Technological solutions for compounds