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Now our clients can access autonomous yet interdependent divisions that are each staffed and tailored to respond to specific threat arenas. Each specialized division provides our clients with direct yet integrated solutions to their security needs. Condor’s industry solutions operate within a network umbrella organization of independent and specialized security divisions.

Condor understands the uniqueness of each project and the specific requirements of each client. As a result, we pride ourselves in having developed a strong sense of operational knowledge that we can tailor to different clients.

We believe in learning the needs of our clients, the reality in which they operate, and only then selecting the most appropriate line of action. We also have a strong ability to take parts of our know how and fit it in the context of the client without adopting a copy and paste approach.

Condor offers specialized services in defining the operational objectives for operations that require complex and integrated combat methodologies. We have built and developed different combat solutions to a wide variety of hostile events by taking into account the adversary’s capabilities, type of hostile activity, specific location, and the operational capabilities of the security operatives. We have developed combat systems tactics for events such as :

Active shooter, terror attack on malls, attacks on airports and other installations, hostage taking events, and other specific events that require extensive methodologies that implement advanced preventative and neutralization doctrines. In addition, Condor trains respective security operatives and law enforcement agencies in rapid intervention and reactionary mechanisms for such hostile events.


Condor offers advanced consulting services on how to plan combat tactics specific to different events by taking into account the current level of the security operatives, capabilities of the adversary, type of combat tactics, location and nature of the event.