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Hostage Simulations

Over the last years, we have seen numerous atrocities involving a barricade situation where hostages are taken in attempt to exhort extreme demands. Often, these situations end tragically due to the onsite complexities experienced by the security department and first responders that arrive at the scene. Often, first responders arrive to a theatre of operation that is unknown because there is no updated field report of the installation that is essential for preparing a rescue operation. Field reports are vital instruments that allow first responders to know in advance the target where they must release the hostages. without a field report, it is every difficult to plan a succesful operation since vital data on the target is missing.

Sensitive installations should have a field report that contains vital information required for selecting the most suitable method for storming the target and releasing the hostages. Accordingly, the security department must be able to dictate the required security procedures that are to be followed by the rest of the employees in the installation. Simultaneously, management must comply with national security and legal constraints. Therefore, it is imperative to carry simulations that reflect scenarios that could take place and practice the implemenetation of the different responses. Condor provides advisory and training services on hostage simulations from the first responders’ angle as well as the security department and management levels.


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