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Homeland Security

The Condor Homeland Security Division was established in order to create three main pillars: as far away Early Warning, Strategic Surprise, Rapid Response Mechanisms from Sensitive Targets.  Consequently, this would lead to the development of a security doctrine that would strive to identify and prevent terrorist attacks through offensive and defensive tactics, establish operational procedures for different attacks, and create a recovery apparatus following attacks.

Condor offers strategic, tactical, and operational advisory and training services in national security issues for first responders, analysts, intelligence operatives, critical infrastructures and the law enforcement communities.

Our programs are filtered to fit the operational threats inherent to different nations and implement offensive and defensive tactics within a structured homeland security apparatus. Our programs are tailored to fit the operational functions inherent to homeland security strategies.

Our advisory and training services include but are not limited to:

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Intelligence & Strategy

  • Protecting the home front

  • Surveillance


This Division specializes in protective solutions for critical assets, border security, transportation security, counter terror strategies, anti terror tactics, foreign security, the home front, internal security and civilian security infrastructures.

Our array of solutions entails the delivery of doctrine based strategies for building an efficient homeland security apparatus. Our solutions are derived from operational and field experience in different sectors of security. This experience has gone through an elaboration process in order to develop uniform strategies that fit the required apparatus and can be implemented in different theatres of action.

The flexibility of the doctrine allows us to standardize training so that we reach the same security and protective levels in different industries, thereby maintaining our vulnerabilities at a livable level.

Our advisory and training services include but are not limited to:

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Border Security

  • Critical Infrastructures

  • Anti Terror

  • First Responders

Emergency Preparedness

Operational Preparedness and Quality Response Exercises

Being prepared and knowing how to respond in an emergency situation are essential parts of your organization’s security. By conducting infiltration exercises, Condor provides organizations the ultimate means of assessing their security level.

Condor’s simulations include: suspicious objects and vehicles, suicide bomber, forceful entry of armed assailant, and hostage taking. Our exercises will help you assess your organization’s physical security level, response time, evacuation procedures, alertness, operational procedures in real time, implementation of security policies and division of roles.

Condor Simulations – the only professional way to effectively classify your organization’s security level.

Condor’s professional simulation exercises are carefully designed from start to finish. We first plan the exercise with local management/security officer, selecting the type of exercise and constructing it. After the execution of the exercise, condor conducts an analysis and discussion and briefing session. Lastly, conclusions are drawn and professional recommendations made.

Our advisory and training services include but are not limited to:

  • First Responders

  • Civilian security readiness

  • Terror medical preparedness

  • Exercises

Incident Management

Condor offers advisory services in the different phases associated with incident management. Our teams can prepare your organization with offensive and defensive tools for managing incidents directed at critical infrastructures. We devote particular attention to each phase which includes:

  • The Notification phase

  • The Response phase

  • The Recovery phase

  • The Restoration phase

Each phase has its own strategic, operational and tactical characteristics and require rapid functioning in order to respond to such incidents, minimize casualties and neutralize the source of the attack. Condor also provides customized proactive policy making tools for establishing a deterrent policy and stretching outwards the security rings in order to establish Early Response Mechanisms.

Our advisory and training services include but are not limited to:

  • First Responders

  • Terror

  • Suicide Terror

  • Logistics

  • Control & Procedures

  • Drills