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Health Institutions

Condor specializes in turnkey solutions for protecting healthcare institutions. Our services are tailored to meet the security requirements of hospitals, medical facilities and private clinics.

These services are designed to build effective security plans, design integrated security systems, protect the facilities, implement information security protocols, safeguard employees and visitors, and build response and evacuation plans for different scenarios.

In addition, Condor, also offers different qualifications and courses for security operatives and first responders that operate in healthcare institutions.


Hospital security is very challenging and requires finding the right balance between security, safety and public service. Condor offers security services directed at the different channels inherent to hospital security.

Our advisory and training services are structured to meet the specifications of these channels in an effort to tailor a total security plan or a partial requirement of the overall security of the hospitals. Condor offers specialized simulations that are excellent indicators of the hospital security vulnerabilitiesin order to upgrade the specfic security requirements.

Condor believes that signigicant importance must be devoted to different security channels that include:


  • The security department

  • Security companies working in the hospital

  • Field and installation files of the hospital

  • Security procedures and protocols

  • Contingency planning

  • Security of personnel

  • Perimeter security and access control

  • Management security

  • Emergency and evacuation plans



Private clinics are independent actors and therefore are the sole decision makers of the level of security to be put in place. Condor offers advisory services for private clinics which are interested in adopting and implementing a security system. Our array of solutions is vast and includes state specialized equipment, custom tailored technology, specialized manpower and sophisiticated security mechanisms. These mechanisms are flexible and can be adapted to install the required and desired level of security through human, technological or integrated means.