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First Responders

Condor has specialized programs for both Corporate and Public “First Responders” that integrate our entire array of human capabilities, technological solutions, and intelligence gathering expertise to train public and private personnel in advanced security response tactics, counter terror methodologies, anti terror tactics, area lockdowns, establishing command and control centers, emergency medical protocols, and effective coordination of efforts from state, federal and local law enforcement authorities.
First responders are the key reactionary forces for preventing, neutralizing and deterring hostile activities which can range from a single individual to organized terror related events.

Condor Healthcare strongly adheres to strengthening the internal security force as they know best their facility and are the first ring that needs to respond. We have trained numerous first responders within a security department and external special teams to proactively react to different scenarios that are inherent to the respective facility.

Areas of Consulting and Training:

  • Risk management tactics and operations

  • Creation of specialized teams

  • Combat tactics for hostile events

  • Development and implementation of security procedures

  • Combat tactics for active shooter


Please have your organization contact us with your specific request.

Emergency Units

Healthcare institutions do not always have their security department and internal units that can protect the premises and personnel in the facility. Often, the institution employs an external security company or relies on the closest emergency team available. This reality creates numerous vulnerabilities because external teams do not know the installation well and have received generally a low standard training that is not directly related to the area of activity. In an effort to counter this process, Condor has developed special programs for emergency units in order to enhance their specific capabilities for dealing with hostile situations pertinent to the healthcare industry. Our programs have been surgically structured to teach only what is necessary and specific to the area of activity and its features.

Security Operatives

Condor offers unique training programs for security operatives within the healthcare industry. These security operatives are required to respond to continuous threats and attacks by taking into account the sensitivity of the protected installation and the huge influx of people accessing the installation.

This complexity of events requires the security operatives to have advanced mental and physical capabilities needed for understanding a situation and responding accordingly, keeping in mind the restrictions imposed by the specific scenario.

In addition, security operatives require to have extensive conflict management tools , as well as non verbal communication tactics to understand the threat level and select the most suitable solution formula. Healthcare institutions serve the public and are exposed to numerous criminal and terror risks that need to be mitigated and managed in an effort to give a service but maintain public security and safety. Condor offers consulting and training services for armed and unarmed security operatives.



The prevention, neutralization and deterrence of attacks against healthcare institutions requires the creation of specialized units that have specific functions for preserving security and responding to hostile activity.
In order to maximize the security of healthcare institutions, it is imperative to create specialized units that can deliver their expertise proactively.

Condor offers specific services for creating / upgrading special units in the fields of:

  • Intelligence

  • Counter terror tactics

  • Anti terror tactics

  • Undercover and Clandestine security

  • Counter industrial espionage

  • Liaison teams with auxiliary forces

The expertise of such units is imperative for a total security culture that can sageguard and secure healthcare institutions from different internal and external adversaries. Condor offers consulting ,training, and simulation services to special units that operate within the industry or external special teams that are called to respond to a crisis within the grounds of a healthcare institution.