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Condor Defense devotes particular attention to self defense tactics for terror attacks. Not all terror attacks can be neutralized through self defense but the Condor Defense System is a full scale defense and combat system that has been developed for countering and neutralizing attacks inherent in the terror arena.

Transportation Network

The Condor Defense system has developed customized unarmed solution for personnel operating in the transportation networks. Our tactics and techniques are surgically built for responding to incidents which involve large concentration of people, numerous obstacles, areas in which the detection of the terrorist is difficult, and areas where movement is limited.

In addition, the Condor Defense System is the only system in the world that trains under the most rigorous physical and technical intensity levels. We are the only system that works against multiple opponents in extreme arena.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Airport terminal security guards

  • Sky marshals

  • Sea marshals

  • Train security personnel

  • Bus security personnel

  • Security drivers and chauffeurs

Terror knife Attacks

The Condor Defense system is the only system in the world that distinguishes between knife attacks inherent to the terror, criminal, gang, cross cultural, geographical arenas. In addition, we have specialized techniques for short, medium and long distance attacks.

We give utmost importance to understanding the difference between intention to use the knife and the capability to inflict damage with the knife.
Our array of solutions includes but is not limited to:

  • Static Knife attacks

  • Dynamic knife attacks

  • Unconventional knife attacks

  • Terror knife attacks

  • Knife attacks under the influence of painkillers

Our array of techniques is unique and relies on field proven techniques according to International adversaries and knife users.

Suicide Terror

Condor is a first line developer of unarmed response mechanisms against suicide bombers. We are the only organization in the world that has a well defined apparatus for effective neutralization of suicide bombers 360 degrees and from short medium and long distance.
Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Suicide bomber neutralization- 360 degrees

  • Short distance neutralization techniques

  • Medium distance neutralization

  • Long distance neutralization tactics

  • Neutralization tactics in movement

  • Neutralization response mechanisms with the presence of a bag

  • Neutralization response mechanisms while another attack is taking place

Our services are only for first responders and the law enforcement communities.

Security guards

Condor offers various unarmed combat tracks for security operatives. Our techniques have an offensive dimension as well as a defensive one. Our tactics are derived form a rapid identification process which is the result of knowing what to look for. This is followed by the activation of a response apparatus which is technically based and uses the impulsive and instinctive mechanisms as part of the reactionary response.

Our guards receive training which allows them to apply a rigid flexibility apparatus of reactionary techniques. This means that their rigid training is accompanied by a tactically flexible apparatus that uses various neutralization and response mechanisms to select the most appropriate response.

Security guards are taught to inflict different levels of damage and prioritize the adversary and theatre of action without entering in a tunnel vision, making operational mistakes and activating a domino effect.

Multiple Attacks

The Condor Defense System has developed customized unarmed response solutions for multiple attack scenarios. These multiple attack scenarios include the use of different weapons and extreme violence. Our understanding of this reality makes it imperative to have developed a specific doctrine that specializes in rapid neutralization of multiple armed and unarmed attacks.

Hostage Situations

The Condor Defense System offers customized advisory services for hostage situations in different theatres of operation. Our array of solutions includes reactionary technique specific to this area of combat.


The Condor defense System devotes extensive resources to self defense against fire arms. Our solutions do not rely on conventional disarming techniques as practiced in different Israeli and international systems.

The term disarming as seen in the combat world always shows a technique where by the person defending themselves is always in the same attack situation and ends up finishing the technique with the weapon in his hand, taking a few steps back and aiming the firearm at the assailant.

Condor does not believe in this approach. We define the disarming process as the defensive and offensive actions taken in order to incapacitate the assailant from using /continuing to use the firearm.
Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Unarmed response mechanisms against firearms at short, medium and long distances

  • Disarming techniques after being injure/hit

  • The use of the firearm as a dry weapon due to a tactical choice/malfunction

  • Specialized techniques for security operatives


Condor Defense offers advisory and training services in CQB. Our services are tailored to special units, security operatives and first responders that operate in CQB conditions. Our techniques have been developed to fit this reality and to be carried out in full gear during tactical work and operations.

Anti kidnap Tactics

The Condor Defense system offers operational at kidnapping tactics solution for security operatives, managers, and civilians should they be the victim of hostage as well as if they are the intervening entity. Condor works on these 2 channels in order to maximize the combat endurance and technical stamina required when being a kidnap victim or when responding to a kidnap scenario.

Our Advisory and training services  include but are not limited to:

  • Combat endurance specific to kidnap situations

  • Ability to take blows and continue fighting

  • Dealing with multiple attackers

  • The use of sacrifice techniques

  • Operational falling