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The Condor Defense System is the ultimate combat system for special tactical units, security personnel and combat operatives in high risk missions. The system applies special Israeli tactics that have been created for fighting extreme criminal and terror activities. The training combines advanced mental and physical aptitudes with specific solutions to the most challenging situations.

The founder of the system, is a veteran of the Israeli special forces and was responsible for creating customized solutions for specialized squads in the Israeli security apparatus. He has vast experience in different fighting systems, and is an expert in counter/anti terror tactics. He serves as a consultant to various international law enforcement establishments. The Condor Defense System specializes in fighting methodologies for all security realted scenarios. The techniques are specifically tailored to the respective theatres of action and apply intense preventative, neutralization, and deterrent mechanisms.

The system is not a martial art or a regular fighting system that tries to adapt its techniques to the security arena. Instead, the system was created in its essence in an effort to give the law enforcement community, military personnel, security operatives the operative tools for maximizing their operational response to all situations encountered in the line of their activity.

The Condor Defense System understands the tactical differences between fighting terrorists versus criminals and has developed specific techniques for each sector and its different functions. In addition, the Condor Defense System has devoted extensive resources to building techniques that stimulate the brain and the body to function under stress better and see this state of nature as the normal state of events. this recognition process allows combatants to accept the reality and integrate their moduds operandi so that it fits the situation that they encounter. Moreover, the Condor Defense System instills in its combatants the ability to take on different operative roles and have maximum control over their actions and responses selected.

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