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Condor adheres to a multi disciplinary approach when building the specific condor teams that need to be deployed and/or execute their functions in an effort to give our clients the most suitable professional and human formula. All condor teams have a deep understanding of the different cultural client typologies and their domestic geopolitical and demographic realities. This knowledge is essential for closely working with clients in an effort to provide customized solutions.


This division centralizes all instructional methodologies inherent to the most prominent security sectors. These instructional solutions are custom tailored to the operational modus operandi of the adversary and implement the creation of practical solutions to these threats. In order for our clients to understand the operations of our instruction department, we have created a specific instructions site where you will find extensive information on Condor instructors, programs, methodologies, backgrounds, and solutions.


As part of our expertise policy, Condor has developed strong ties with Israeli and international consultants that bring to the security industry a very specific know how that complements our services. These consultants come from different industries and their knowledge is imperative for operational purposes. This process is the result of a long professional cooperation that has evolved into a spectrum of opportunities for creating unprecedented solutions to emerging challenges.

The integration of international consultants is extremely important to the operational objectives as their experience helps Condor deliver a better service. Last, but not least, these consultants have significant experience in disciplines which are required for understanding negotiation, business development, psychology, conflict management and their input to the security industry.